Golden Rule Violation Hearings
Lawsuits for Human Trafficking Victims
Too often in society, traffickers use legitimate businesses to engage in their criminal affairs.  While there are many good businesses out there that work with law enforcement, there are some bad actors too that turn a blind eye and provide a sanctuary for traffickers to operate.  The Haba Law Firm is filing lawsuits against entities and companies that are allowing human trafficking to continue.

If you are a survivor of human trafficking, contact The Haba Law Firm today to understand your legal options or file a lawsuit against those that turned a blind eye when you were victimized.  No money owed unless we win your case!

Expungement of Human Trafficking Victim Criminal Records
Often victim of human trafficking are arrested and charged with crimes.  This often stems from a lack of understanding about what human trafficking is and how it affects victims.  The Haba Law Firm is working hard to clean survivor's records and expunge past crimes to give survivors their best chance at a successful and fulfilling future. 

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Lisa Haba has been a part of leading the fight in Central Florida against human trafficking.  Call The Haba Law Firm today if you are ready to reclaim your future!