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A Will Can Protect Your Children & Assets

Posted on January 30, 2015 by Maria O'Neill


Wills are not just for leaving your prized possessions to certain relatives or for making sure your ex-wife gets nothing, although we can handle both of those things for you.  More importantly, wills are for making that transition easier for your family when you are no longer around.  If you have minor children, it is important to do a will to keep them protected. 


With minor children, money left to them automatically goes in a Uniform Transfer to Minor’s Act (UTMA) account which gives their guardian full control over the money.  This includes Life Insurance proceeds.  We can help you create what’s called a testamentary Trust to protect that money and make sure it only goes to benefit your children and ultimately to them directly when they become of age.  This Trust can also be used to protect your life insurance proceeds and take care of your children if you and even your spouse were not around. 


The Haba Law Firm can help you create your will and trust.  Call now for a consultation.